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Adhesives & Lubricants
With experience gained from dealing with all types of industry from food to
quarries, Mercury can provide adhesives and lubricants to deal with any situation.
From bonding all manner of materials to lubricating in any environment, we can
provide products and solutions to suit.
in a hurry?
With over 300 cyanoacrylate adhesives
alone, Mercury can solve any “sticky
problems” that you might encounter.
Whatever you want to bond, we can sort it.
Low, medium and high strength retainers
can solve all your retaining problems of
cylindrical parts, keys, splines etc. Oil
tolerant versions are available, along with
metal fill retainers.
Pipe and Thread Sealing
These products provide an instant, low
pressure seal for all types of pipe work
connections, without the need for tapes.
Structual Bonding
Structural adhesives utilise a wide range
of resin bases in order to provide users
with the best possible product for each
individual application. Epoxy putties and
acrylics head the range.
Anti Sieze and Rust Prevention
Products to prevent seizing and galling
during assembly and operation, along
with inhibiting corrosion and oxidation
in chemically aggressive environments.
Liquid Gasketing
Whatever gasket you need, you can
save time and money by applying a
liquid gasket to do the job. Ideal for
complex areas that need a gasket
whatever the pressure involved.
From the worlds leading manufacturers,
Mercury can supply a huge range of
greases to all industry sectors, from
food to quarries. From simple to complex
applications, we can supply a solution.
Thread Locking
Weather you want a permanent lock or
an easy disassemble,it’s no problem
with our range of Bondloc thread lockers.
Flexible Sealing & bonding
Our versatile and durable sealing
and bonding products offer exceptional
performance in all kinds of demanding
applications. The range includes RTV
silicones and polyurethanes in
varied colours.
Maintenance Products
A large portfolio of products to keep
industry moving. They include products
such as stainless steel cleaner, antisieze,
wire rope spray, freeze spray and pipe
bandage repair.
Ultraviolet Bonding
We can supply a wide range of Ultraviolet
cure adhesives, and supply equipment
and accessories for a wide spectrum of
applications. Bonding, encapsulating,
coating, and sealing are all areas where
these products excel.
Cleaning & Degreasing
From hand cleaning to machinery
degreasing, Mercury have the product
to carry out the job effectively and safely.
Amongst the accessories that Mercury
can supply are skeleton guns, mechanical
and pneumatic dispensers, mixer nozzles
and a whole lot more.
Industrial Lubricants
Serving a diverse range of industries,
Mercury can advise and supply the right
lubricant to do the job. From food to
heavy industry, we have the experience
to provide what you need to do the
job properly.