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belt drives
From the classical vee belt to the most advanced toothed belts, Mercury can
supply the lot. Coupled with the matching pulleys and shaft bushes, all drive
situations can be accommodated, from food to quarries.
in a hurry?
Vee and Wedge Belts
Vee and wedge belts offer a versatile and
economical low maintenance drive that is
standardised throughout the world.
Specialised belts are available for high
power drives.
Timing Belts
Traditional timing belts offer an ideal low
cost drive for powers up to 25Kw, with a
wide range of both belts and pulleys
available. Options include double sided
and open lengths.
Banded Vee Belts
Ideal for problematic drives, these belts
are combined with a neoprene / fabric
band to form a single banded belt.
Available in all sections, vibration
reduction is a major plus with these belts.
Open Length
Often used where linear travel is required,
open length timing belts are available
in several formats and materials. In
conjunction with clamping plates, they
provide solutions to all manner of
travel needs.
Variable Speed Belts
With a top width greater than their
thickness permitting a greater range of
speed ratios than standard belts, these
cogged belts are specified for equipment
which requires changes in driven speed
during operation.
Link Belt
Offering a problem solving alternative
to traditional vee and wedge belts, link
belt is resistant to steam, oil and most
chemicals. Down time is reduced as the
pulleys can remain in situe.
Giving a slipless, synchronous drive,
these belts offer reduced noise, extreme
wear resistance and are resistant to acids,
alkalis, fats and petrol.
Polyvee Belts
These multi ribbed belts are manufactured
as a sleeve so that the required width of
belt can be cut from it. Its design ensures
an outstanding performance at higher
speeds on smaller diameter pulleys.
Made from a high-modulus polyurethane,
and with its ribbed backing providing
greater lateral stability, these belts
are ideal for high speed, compact
drive applications.
HTD or High Torque drive belts are the
development of standard timing belts
with a curvilinear tooth form enabling
higher torque drives.