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Drive Couplings
Couplings are used to connect prime movers to driven items, for example motors
to gearboxes. The type of coupling used will depend on the power transmitted,
and selection is based on the power and speed of the shaft to be connected.
Mercury can help to choose the right coupling to do the job.
in a hurry?
Comprising two sprockets with hardened
teeth joined together with a length of
roller chain, these simple but very
effective couplings offer easy assembly
with a very robust performance.
Tyre couplings are highly elastic,
lubrication free, and tolerate large amounts
of misalignment in all planes. With simple
installation, this style of coupling has great
shock absorbing properties.
A low powered, torsionally flexible coupling
combining good absorbing and misalignment
properties. Of compact design, they have a
high torque capacity.
Crown Pin
A heavy duty coupling with extended power
capacity, its construction makes it suitable
for the most arduous of conditions.
A heavy duty range of couplings giving
maximum power capacity with minimum
space requirements combined with
excellent misalignment properties.
This style of non lubricated flexible
coupling is popular on all types of
rotating equipment.
Jaw couplings offer a low cost flexible
solution to a whole host of applications.
Amongst their benefits are their
absorption of incidental misalignment,
shock loads and low vibration.
The thermosetting plastic sleeve provides
a non conductive assembly, and the
staggered internal teeth ensure uniform
loading. No maintenance is required,
making it ideal in hostile environments.
Universal Joints
Mercury can supply a wide range of
universal joints, including single and
double knuckle construction. The single
knuckle can accept up to 35 degrees of
shaft misalignment, whilst the double
can go to 70 degrees.
A range of rigid couplings available
for axial or radial connection. Mainly
available in steel construction for use
in heavy duty applications.