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As well as being an approved TEC motor partner, Mercury stock ABB motors in foot
and flanged configurations. High efficiency motors are very much to the fore in
today’s energy conscious age, and Mercury can supply to your requirements.
Whatever your needs, we can help.
in a hurry?
Three Phase
Standard three phase motors can be
supplied in either aluminium or cast
iron versions, and are available in all
mounting variations including foot,
flange and face.
High Efficiency
High efficiency three phase electric
motors reduce your tax liability by
claiming an enhanced capital allowance.
With lightweight aluminium frames, they
have reduced running temperatures,
increasing winding lifetimes.
Brake Motor
Equipped with a powerful DC
electromagnetic brake, the braking torque
can be adjusted to suit the application
requirements. The brake is supplied
with a DC current from the three phase
motor supply.
Single Phase
Permanent capacitor and capacitor start
/ capacitor run single phase motors are
readily available in multi mount B3, B5,
and B14 or combination mount.
2 Speed
Two speed electric motors reduce energy
usage by giving the user the lower speed
and hence lower power option, more
closely matching actual demands.
Special Aplications
Amongst the special applications available
are anti condensation heaters, thermal
cutouts, custom paints and forced
ventilation kits. We can also provide
custom built motors, such as modified
mountings and windings.
Available with single phase input – three
phase output, and three phase input –
three phase output options, inverters can
be supplied with a myriad of features to
meet all your drive needs.