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With a wealth of experience from supplying gearboxes to industry for over 20
years, Mercury can supply a full range of industrial gearboxes and variators from
the worlds lleading manufacturers. If it’s obsolete – no problem, we will find a
replacement to do the job.
in a hurry?
Absolute flexibility is given by the wide
choice of several mounting positions,
shaft configurations and motor interface,
all offered as standard. Also available in
helical-worm and double worm versions.
With top torque density, product variety,
extremely wide speed choice and great
compactness, the helical gearbox is suited
to a large variety of applications.
Shaft Mounted
Designed to offer a fast, efficient and
easy to use fitting method for locating
gearboxes directly onto the driven shaft.
Where required, backstops can be
installed to fix the direction of rotation.
Compact and yet extremely powerful,
these units are ideal for all severe duty
applications where shock loadings and
impacts are prevalent.
Mechanical Variators
With speed setting via a handwheel or
remotely controlled through a servo
mechanism, these units offer great
versatility to cope with most variable
speed applications.
Spiral Bevel
Designed to transmit rotary motion
through ninety degrees, these compact
units are available in many configurations,
including sealed for life and ultra compact.
For varying the speed of electric motors,
inverters can be made to perform many
different tasks, such as inching and
automatic restart after power failure.