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As an official distributor for Camozzi and Festo, two of the worlds leading
pneumatic manufacturers, Mercury are ideally placed to meet all of your pneumatic
requirements. With large local stocks and trained staff, we can supply and advise
on the whole range of Pneumatic equipment.
in a hurry?
A complete rang of pneumatic
cylinders are readily available, including
minicylinders, compact, guided, rotary
and stainless steel. Specials can also
be made on a fast turn around.
Pneumatic pullers are available in a wide
range of sizes, jaw styles, and gripping
forces for most industrial applications.
Angular, parallel, and three finger grip
are just three of the types available.
Proximity Switches
Available to fit into the cylinder profile
barrel of compact and rodless cylinders,
or on the surface of roundline and tie
rod cylinders using mounting bands
or brackets.
Air Treatment
Whether you want a filter / regulator /
lubricator as one, or the constituent parts,
Mercury can supply to your requirements.
Pressure Regulators
Designed to maximise and control the
efficiency of air pressures. These units
are available in all popular thread sizes,
and some sizes are available with
push-in fittings.
Control Equipment
A range of technical innovations now
available, such as digital control regulators,
soft start valves and PLC’s.
Valves / Solenoid Valves
Electropneumatically operated, mechanically
operated and solenoid valves are just three
of the valve types readily available from
Mercury, along with a full range of accessories.
Valves Islands
A full range of valve islands are readily
available, and can be ordered pre-assembled
and tested for your convenience with many
different interfaces available.
Pressure & Vacuum Switches
Whatever the application, our extensive
range of pressure and vacuum switches
can provide accurate control of pressurised
or vacuum systems.
For all exhaust situations, male and
female threaded silencers are available,
reducing noise pollution in the work
With their compact design, the rapid
push-on fittings assist with the assembly
of fluid power components and systems,
and are also ideal for vacuum applications.
Super Rapid
Super rapid push-in fittings assist with
the assembly of pneumatic systems.
Available in bright nickel plated and
technopolymer with spanner flats for
easy assembly.
Universal Fittings
A range of fittings with olive for plastic,
copper, and brass tube available in
metric and imperial sizes.
Quick Release Couplings
For pneumatic and hydraulic applications,
quick release couplings are available in
several different materials including
stainless steel.
A complete range of tubing for all
eventualities is readily available. Amongst
the range is flexible nylon, polyurethane
compact coils, reinforced PVC braided and
PTFE tubing.
Suction Pads
Used in situations where objects need to
be lifted, transported, or turned. Three
main types are available, namely flat,
bellows and oval.
Based on the Venturi principle, they are
available with integrated suction and
blow-off valves together with a monitoring
system. Versions with air saving functions
can also be specified.
Spring plungers, check valves and flexible
suction pad mountings – just three of the
many pneumatic system accessories
available from Mercury.