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Seals and O Rings
From standard oil seals to bonded seals, “O” rings to “O” ring cord, Mercury can
supply the right solution to any sealing application. Weather it’s an “O” ring for
a tap or a high temperature, split oil seal for a boring machine, Mercury can help.
in a hurry?
Oil Seals
With a huge variety of different materials
and sizes available for every sealing need,
Mercury can supply the right seal for the
job in hand.
O Rings
Available in all standards, including BS
and ISO, with material specifications
ranging from nitrile to PTFE encapsulated
for specialalist applications.
O Ring Kits
Ideal for on site engineers, our “O” ring
kits are available in both metric and
imperial sizes.
Speedi Sleeves
Using a speedi-Sleeve is the quickest and
most sensible way to repair worn shafts.
This thin walled sleeve has a high quality
finish to provide an optimal counterface
for a radial shaft seal.
Hydraulic Seals
The range available includes piston seals,
U-packing, U-rings, wipers,excluders and
scrapers, composite seals and spring
energised PTFE seals.
Pneumatic Seals
For use typically in pneumatic cylinders
and valves, a full range of sealing
mediums is available in all types
of materials.
V Rings
Our range of V-Rings are offered in two
basic types, A & S, both being suitable
for a whole range of sealing applications.
Available in a range of materials including
nitrile and viton.
O Ring Cord
Available in both metric and imperial
sizes and a range of different materials,
our O-ring cord is supplied by the metre.
Bonded Seals
Bonded seals are an elastomer sealing
ring that has been vulcanised to a metal
washer. They are used on bolted
connections and mounting elements in
many different applications.