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Wheels and Castors
A full range of wheels and castors are readily available. From furniture to scaffolding,
fixed to braked, Mercury have a solution to all your wheel and castor needs. With a
wealth of experience in specifying movement solutions, Mercury are ideally placed
to supply what you need, when you need it.
in a hurry?
Available in many different styles including
ball, twin wheel and roller as well as many
different functionalities such as fixed,
swivel, with or without brake.
Bolt Hole
Can be supplied fixed, swivel, braked or
unbraked and in many different wheel
types such as nylon, rubber and
Top Plate
Top plate castors come with many
different sized plates, and many
different wheel types for all manner
of applications. Available fixed, swivel,
braked and unbraked.
Unbraked castors are available across
the range, weather it be a bolt hole
or top plate fixing.
As with unbraked castors, braked castors
are available across the range, including
bolt hole or top plate fixing.
Pallet Rollers
Available in polyurethane on alloy
and nylon, these wheels can be
supplied with or without the required
bearings. Mercury can also supply the
pallet truck steer wheels.
Plastic and steel centred pneumatic
wheels are available, along with solid,
for all manner of applications. Ideal
for moving over rough terrain.
From light duty nylon to heavy duty
cast iron, all types of industrial wheels
are available from Mercury. Most
are available with a ball or roller
bearing bore.
Amongst the different configurations
available, are solid stem, top plate,
threaded stem, and twin braked.
All are available with wheel and
swivel locks.
Adjustable Feet
A full range of adjustable / levelling
articulating feet are available in a
variety of materials, including
stainless steel and zinc plated.